Login page and a dashboard page of My Admin application.

My Admin

Administration app with login system to modify data on a separate website or web app and to receive notifications for any events.

In details


An admin application for clients. What you see on the image above is a general layout. Which means for every client the overview can be a little bit different but the main idea of this app is to provide clients a clean dashboard with data connected to their separate website/webapp. An example would be Restaurant China Brugge. The owner has this admin app and for every change that occurs in the application, a separate website (meant for the public) would be synchronized as well.

Besides it can also be installed as a standalone app on the mobile device. Which makes it easier for them to access it on the go.

For every new data the app gets, the owner receives a notification on top of their smartphone with information about the data. Even if the application is closed. This is called a web push notification.

Tabs with information about individuals.
For tech savvy


Next.js (React.js) is used for frontend with Node.js serverless for tiny backend. Firebase is integrated as a real-time database. Lastly, the app is deployed on Vercel.



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