Login and dashboard page of My Admin application.

My Admin

Administration app with login system to modify data from an external website or web app and receive messages from any event.

In details


An admin application for clients. What you see in the image above is a general layout. This means that for each client, the overview may be slightly different, but the idea is basically the same: provide clients with a clear dashboard with data connected to their separate website/web application. An example is Restaurant China Bruges. The owner uses this admin app to modify data on his restaurant website (intended for regular users).

In addition, it is possible to install this as a standalone app on a mobile device, making it more accessible on the go.

Whenever new data arrives, the owner receives a notification message at the top of his/her smartphone. Even if the app is closed. This is called web push notification.

Tabs with information about individuals.
For tech savvy


Next.js (React.js) was used for frontend development with serverless Node.js backend code. Firebase integration for real-time database. Finally, the app was hosted/deployed on Vercel.



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