Dashboard page and a detail page of Gympouch app.


A gym administration app to manage appointments of clients, save workouts, prices and more.

In details


This application is made for a personal coach to manage appointments of his clients. A potential client sends a SMS to the coach in case he wants to register his/her sessions. The coach creates a new appointment in the app.

Furthermore, the trainer can log progressions of his clients and determine what his/her next session, current and total price would be.

There is also a map integrated in the app indicating where the session would take place. If the coach clicks on it, it opens a default Map application imbedded in his smartphone (for example Apple Maps or Google Maps) and creates a route from his current location to the next one where the training takes place.

At last, the home page shows a week overview: how many sessions did he complete during the period and more.

This app is not meant for the public. Only for the coach (the administrator).

Tabs with information about individuals.
For tech savvy


Next.js (React.js) is used for frontend with Node.js serverless for tiny backend. Firebase is integrated as a real-time database. Lastly, the app is deployed on Vercel.



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