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Web application for an insurance agency with the ability to fill out various forms with push notifications and live video meetings.

In details


A web application for an insurance agency in the United States. Users can read more about them: their mission, vision, and goals. There are three forms available in the app that users can utilize. First is the contact form if users have any questions or comments. Second is the agents form, which is intended for businesses looking to partner with my client. Lastly is the quote form, which is for users looking to discuss quotes with my client. After submitting the quote form, they are directed to a live video meeting to explain their issues.

For each form submission, the client receives a push notification in Slack. This allows them to easily respond to their potential clients or join the live video meeting by clicking on a specific video call URL.

This app may be an ongoing project.

Tabs with information about individuals.
For tech savvy


Frontend: Next.js (React.js), Backend: Node.js, Deployment: Cloudflare.



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