The hero section of the Black Wood website presented on 3 devices: mobile, tablet and desktop.

Black Wood

Construction website with information about the company, users can submit quotes for services such as renovation, window installations, and terrace projects.

In details


A website has been developed for a construction company in Belgium. It provides essential information such as the company's location, services, specialties, and examples of projects they have completed.

The website features three distinct quote forms that users can submit: one for general renovation work, another for window installation, and a third for terrace projects. Upon submitting each form, an email notification is triggered and sent to the company's owners.

For any additional questions or comments, users can submit a standard contact form to reach out to the owners directly for anything that has nothing to do with quotes.

Full page screenshot home page of Black Wood.
For tech savvy


The front end is developed using Next.js, while the backend utilizes Edge functions. Deployment occurs in a static manner through Cloudflare Pages.



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